Tuesday, 28 February 2017

life shows you different different terms. when you love someone and you will not get them you handle lot's of pain but that time you don't have anyone to whom you can tell how much in pain you are ,if god does not create the hurt so good for us. no feeling no pain no love.
                              "love is the feeling from hurt,and it hurt's alot."

Monday, 2 January 2017

Love Life

hello world
                 Today I am going to tell you about the feeling and the relationship, so guys if you are in relationship so you should trust to your partner that He/She love you alot ,Dont't order them that you do not talk to anyone boy/girl except me ,this quality shows that you don't have trust to your partner and you make on doubt on his/her.
                 For these person's I want to say that guys If you love someone so you should trust on it. When you someone so he/she is not your slave just because of that you are all in all of his/her life and for you he/she doing all jobs . So if he/she talk to their friends so don't be jelous beacuse of friend is the best person of life which gives us rights direction and path and share of feelings when we are happy and sad. So keep in touch in your friends and them too.
                             "Trust is the base of any relation like a piller in house"

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Hello friends
                    The Story behind the word relationship is very small but to understand that you spend all your life and you guys fail to understand.
                    The word relationship is basically feeling of yours to another(female/male) to understand that you should co-ordinate to your partner, should try to understand her/his feeling.relationship is not easy to maintain you need trust faith and love to your partner.
              "The term relationship is not too tough but still not so easy"